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God I feel like I got run over by a passing bike race.

*rolls over and coughs* Shit, maybe I finally got sick.

Anonymous asked
Do you have any ETA on the Luci/Atuan baby giveaway and when we might see the results? I'm assuming you guys want to write up proper stories to go with it?

No ETA, both of us need some time to sit down and decide. Dunno if we’re going to write follow ups, I probably won’t, dunno about Terra.

*yawns* Also I got ODnD tonight, I am so tired, my character is so going to die lol.

1,000,000 treasure giveaway



How to Win:

  • Reblog with your username ID number
  • that’s it

Ends when I finish making my creamed chicken and biscuits and eat.

Jerepasaurus #25259

That sounds incredibly delicious and I am jealous. lol




Because why the hell not.
Also, I’m lazy to do graphics this time, so use your

*super-fancy and colorful pictures here*


1. “Arcane Warrior” - this skin:

Ooooh shiny. And damn expensive.

2. “I’m just getting started” - Fae, Tundra, Mirror and Guardian breed scrolls!

3-6: “You never have enough” - Geladon (3), Golden (4), Sky Blue (5) and Gossamer (6) silk sets! Each prize includes wing, arm, leg, tail silks, fillet, veil, sash and scarf.

7: “You look adorable today” - all the bows. All of them. All 19.


  • Reblog this post with your FR username and ID
  • Tell me what prizes are you interested in! And why ;3
  • Reblog only ONCE
  • Likes doesn’t count
  • You don’t have to follow me to enter
  • Seven winners will be picked via Random.org on 30.07

Good luck!

Luciellia(#21094) Imaaaaaaaginaaation!

Gimme prizes 6, 4, 3, 5, I put them in order for you too *big stupid grinning*. Why, WHY!? DO YOU REALLY EXPECT ME TO RESIST SILK, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU FUNNY.

*grabby hands*

Alright so now that I can look at them without seeing red, LETS GET THESE SUCKERS OUT OF MY LAIR!

Check out the back of my lair to see cheap tree dragons.<—Click the link. They’re all girls, and all variations of soil/leaf or spring/brownish. The X/Y/X is 30k the rest are 15k. Shoo, get them out of my lair so I can hatch more babies.

itsalwayssunnyineverbloom replied to your post: itsalwayssunnyineverbloom replied to y…

Well between that and the … the punk. The brown/ivory/ivory tundra or whatever. That you got so mad about. It just seems that boons are not working out so well for you and that is sad!

I swear Boons are not my friend, that was just mean.

And so much for sleeping, I got what? 2 hours? I just woke up feeling so sick. ah, halp.